Our Teams

Team 2: Wendy and Haydee are one of our best teams.

Team 4: Lucia and Erika. Lucia is our supervisor responsible for hiring and training our employees. Her passenger usually is somebody being trained.

Team 5: Zophia

Team 6: Mariela

Team 7: Madelyn and Cecelia

Team 8: Illiana and Leticia

Team 9: Reyna and Leticia- daughter and mother. One of our weekend teams that services our customers on Saturdays and Sundays only.

Team 11: Maria and Angelina- very detailed and very reliable team.

Team 12: Sophia and Maria – one of our best, sweet ladies with the big smile.

Team 13: Josephina

Team 14: Magda

Team 15: Gloria and Odelia

Team 16: Silvia and Denis

Team 17: Gloria and Rosie

Team 18: Leticia and Mari Cruz

Team 19: Karina and Danuta. Mother and dauther.

Team 20: Erika